Best Japplication: Girls Camera

Do you love PURIKURA???

a) Heck Yes! That shit is whack

b) Eh. What’s wrong with normal photos? 😦

c) Sorry, but what the hell is this “Purikura” Business??

If your answer was c), then you should probably keep reading my blog because gurrrrl you is not down with nothing.

I recently discovered the best APP ever. I have the iPhone 4 but never fear, you can still downlod it on google play or whatever the android equivalent is (possibly).

It is called GIRLS CAMERA, and you can basically purikura on-the-go. It’s awesome sauce. The app, however, is a smidgen on the slow side but the results are totes worth the long lag time.

I made this the other day during English class….zzzz!!!?)


Jo Yori


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