Edo Legacy and Kenzo

I know, guys. It’s called Kenzo “Paris” now, but originally, Kenzo was created by a man named Kenzo Takada and has been owned by a French company since 1993. However, the origins are Japanese, therefore Kenzo is highly relevant for Jopan- The Blog.

The thing I love about Japanese Culture, in this digital world we are living in today, is the legacy of the edo period and traditional Japanese dress and its influence on young people. Yes, I agree, at a mere first glimpse, the likes of the famous Harajuku Girls and everyday Pedestrians can’t be described as ‘Traditional’, however, the endurance of bold prints and symbolic patterns is now seen in many of the clothes being worn by the current generation. Kenzo, Kusama Yayoi, Yoko, Akira and many other Japanese designers have been paving the way for this loosely structured way of dressing and expression. I love this, and I love seeing contrasting styles on Japanese fashion blogs.

One of my favourite Kenzo ads (from the recent collection)

Click on image (below) to take you to the link of the original site

“How a Kenzo Jumper sold out in 2 days”

How a Kenzo jumper sold out in 2 days

My fave from the current collection

Can’t wait for summer 🙂

Take me to Japannnnnnnn

Jo Yori

I’m sorry, this article didn’t actually have a point. I just love fashion

It’s very late. Give me a break


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