This is Me!!

Konichiwa Jopan Readers!!!

For a while, I’ve just been blogging random shit left, right and most definitely centre. BUT, yesterday, I was fortunate enough to meet Ms. Tavi Gevinson (Queen Bee of Internet Journalism and master of channeling teen angst into writing)  herself at my school, hence I was inspired to narrow my Blog Theme to the thing I love most: Japanese Culture!!!

I know, I know!! I’m a 17 year old Australian high school student. Why should I care about her opinion and view of Japan?? Good point, but honestly, this page’s window has a big red ‘X’ at the top corner so I dare you to click that just to spite my opinion. I love the internet!!

This is my first post as Jopan. Let me explain that for you….basically, my name is Jo(hanna) and I love Japan. So it’s a Jo fusion. I fused 2 words. Like Brangelina!! But I guess that was obvious? Sorry if you felt like I was being patronising toward you :s

Expect all things colourful and all things traditional. i.e. expect the unexpected!!! 平和への道

Jo Yori



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