Even The Simpsons love Japan

I’m not much of a fan of The Simpsons but recently, I have reconnected with many of their older episodes due to the fact that I am now able to comprehend the jokes and references with much more clarity now that I’m 17 (so old, I know).

For some reason, everyone is using Simpsons video clips and “Tumblr” style quote images to describe or symbolise a specific emotion or event in their lives. This is seen particularly on Facebook with the recent introduction of Cover Photos and increased photo sharing on Twitter and Instagram. Wowww, that sounded like an autistic person wrote that? I have communicative skills, I promise. Anyway, now Jopan is using Simpsons references for her Blog!!

We all know the episode where they go to Japan!!….or so I hope?? When they go to dinner in Little America…in JAPAN. Although, having said that, my favourite part is when Homer folds up their last yen note into a paper crane for Lisa and it blows away!!! I think I like that bit solely because I have some bizarre obsession with origami and Paper Cranes??

Let’s re-live the episode through photos, shall we?


Okay, brb, I feel like watching the Simpsons now…

Jo Yori

I hope this post made you as happy as it made me


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