Restaurant Recommendation: Hako

If you don’t live in Melbourne, then restaurants like “Hako” are a perfect reason to visit. Tucked away in one of Melbourne’s famous lane ways Flinders Lane, Hako invites an atmospheric Japanese dining experience accompanied by a friendly staff of waiters with smiling faces.

I read about this little beauty in The Age a few weeks ago when they reviewed it in one of their weekend magazines. I was drawn to the low fitting lights, romanticised mood lighting, and large industrial windows boasting the exteriors of surrounding hidden shops and restaurants. For me, as materialistic and pretentious as it may seem, it is all about the interiors and the “wow” factor. No judgement please.

I had a beautiful bowl of Soba and I would definitely recommend getting a side dish of Japanese Pickles!! My boyf enjoyed his Fish meal…I hope?

Vegetarian Friendly

Good Prices

If you’re heading down that way during the day, however, I would also recommend ‘Gill’s Diner’ and ‘Journal’. They aren’t Japanese restaurants, they’re just really groovy.

Jo Yori

Beautiful Fit out at Hako

If you were wondering, Hako means ‘Box’ in Japanese!!!


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