Word of the Day

Today, I have been doing art work all day. Literally just becoming Pablo Picasso himself. Just morphing into some sort of super human artist. So, in light of this, today’s word of the day shall be “Woodblock” Printing.

I love Japanese woodblock prints and traditional art forms. I recently saw an exhibition (and by recently I mean in February) at the Bendigo Art Gallery. It hosted a vast collection of not only woodblock prints from the edo periods of Japanese print making, but also a collection of more modern prints influenced by this traditional art form. Artists included George Baldessin and Margaret Preston. Very Interesting stuff! Anyway, this is a word of the day….


1. Woodblock Print


Jo Yori

Oh, and I saw Monet’s Garden (NGV) a few months ago. It was interesting to learn about the influence of Japanese gardens and traditions on Monet’s works.

‘While it is known that Claude Monet adored ukiyo-e you still have major debates about how Japanese prints influenced him personally. This topic is still up in the air to many art experts and the opinion varies greatly.’

Nymphéas, 1915


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