<3 travel <3


I just love travelling!!!! Hhahahaa! I’m not going to Paris anytime soon though đŸ˜¦ Why would I? I can just go there on my computer and lick the Eiffel Tower from my desk?!?!?!

In all srs though!! I am jetting off to Japan on MONDAY (Nov 18) and I am absolutely so excited. I’m not jetting actually? Why did I say I was? I am just economy-ing like a swag lord. I can’t even contain my joy to the constraints of my body so I had to blog about it!! I don’t even care that no-one reads my blog!! I do. I am my biggest fan. Woo. Keep it up, Jo. So proud.


Anyway. woo will be posting my journey the whole time! Stay tuned #1 Fan (aka me)

Jo Yori

Jopan. Where serious comes to die!


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