Packing 101

Step 1: Don’t listen to advice about packing for a trip because you’ll most likely forget something or accidentally pack your shot gun and 10 rounds of ammunition. Ooops!! Just kidding, I’m not going to do that. Hopefully there aren’t any authoritarian people at airports reading my blog. Nothing suss here…….

In all seriousness though, packing for my trip to Japan is horrendous. I want to dress all kawaii and try to fit in with the Harajuku girls but unfortunately asos had run out of “mary poppins” bags. As long as my runners can fit snuggly into my suitcase, I’ll be a happy camper! Lmao. I don’t wear runners in public unless I explicitly set out to break a sweat and gain physical benefits. Otherwise, it’s heeled boots and platforms all the way!! (Typical white girl)

I have finally reached an equilibrium in my adolescence. I’m not stressed about school work, about social conformity, I don’t lie awake at night worrying about boys and teen girl stuff and I have things to be not only grateful for but things that I also appreciate. There is a fine line between being able to acknowledge the positives in your life and not valuing them because you let small things hinder your gratitude.

I just went quite deep about all of that? You can always gain insight about “life” from a seventeen year old girl, am I right?!?! I think I’m just trying to get into my Zen mode before I set off to Japan tomorrow to be surrounded by temples and peacefulness. (Inspired by a recent episode of The Carrie Diaries, see image below!)


I’m really only posting this to avoid packing, although it is one of my favourite things to do!!! Hopefully when I visit Tokyo, I’ll have enough clothes and confidence to strut my stuff like the How Two Live twins. I absolutely adore their bright, vibrant clothes and i just wish I could pull it off as well as they do. I have a few wacky, original pieces, but not nearly enough to be a non-outfit-repeater. See the image below, if inspired click here for their blog!!!






Well, I know I’m inspired!!!!! Follow them on insta as well for awesome pics of what they get up to in Melbourne and all over the World!!!

Have a beautiful Sunday and remember to be grateful! Say thank you. Take “thank-you crack”. Non-stop thanks all day err day!!

Jo Yori X


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