Haircut in Harajuku!!

Why not?!? A few weeks ago, I decided that I was in need of a haircut. just a trim, you know? I was busy studying for my year 12 exams and I felt that cutting my hair would relieve some of the stress…. So I did it and for about a month I had a wonky do!! I didn’t notice how wonky it was until today when I was getting it cut!!! 

Instead of paying about $75 in Australia to get literally 1cm taken off, I thought why not go all the way to Tokyo to get a trim?!? Yolo swagger. So I did and the guys who cut my hair at a place called ‘Jojo’ were so sweet and said I was really good at Japanese!!! It only cost ¥4000 (~$45) and they gave us green tea and were the friendliest people in the world!!



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