When in Harajuku!!!

Step 1: buy a crepe. You will need all of the energy you can get just to survive the shopping and the tourist-ing in Harajuku. I gto a delish banana crepe. Although, I asked if I could grab some crepe with my whipped cream but I don’t think they understood me?!? Ahahah. Just a JOke.


Step 2: shop shop shop shop shop shop shop. Buy as much as you need or are tempted to buy.




Step 3: ramen break. Time to refuel and regain consciousness


Step 4: try on really nice clothes and don’t end up buying them because Japanese people are not built like me and can’t accommodate my tall body and fat bum. Just kidding but I want these overalls from forever 21, yay or nay?!?



Jo Yori X


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