Drunk off sake. I’m drunk off sake. Trying to blog but I’m drunk. But I love Hiroshima too much. Check out this post from a while back. It is the dress that I made. I made it out of inspiration from my first trip to Hiroshima, and I was so pleased to be able to visit there again.

I just came back to edit this, all sobered up, what was I actually just trying to say in that post?? I can’t even decipher the English well enough to edit it properly… I digress.

First, we went to Miyajima Island. We took the ferry (you can use a JR Rail Pass on this ferry) and then went to the Island. The picture below was taken while on the ferry. It was an incredible experience and I can honestly recommend this as a 10/10 activity to do in Japan as a tourist.

Miyajima = Japanese for Shrine Island






When in Japan. I urge you to spend at least 1 day here. Please. OR you can stay in a Ryokan (traditional Japanese Inn) for a night and witness the more peaceful nightlife of this amazing Island. But be careful! All of the deer there will want to eat your maps, bags, feet, hands and all of your food!!

On our third day in Hiroshima, we did all of the peace activities. We went to the peace memorial museum, the children’s memorial and soaked in the beautiful scenery surrounding one of the beautiful rivers in the city’s centre.ImageView of the Dome Building and the Peace Parade from the museum.ImageSadako Sasaki Statue in the Children’s park.Image


ImageChildren’s Memorial. Paper Cranes Galore!!!Image



Famous Japanese pancakes in Hiroshima. I’ve had many an okonomiyaki in my life, but the Hirohsiman’s are the most famous. We ate at the Okonomiyaki Mura (Village) in Hiroshima. I can read Japanese so I knew how to get there, but if you can’t ask someone where the Okonomiyaki-Mura is. The signs outside are all in Japanese!! But so worth it. I advise you to go to one of the shops that has at least 4 people in it. There are so many shops to choose from so pick the one with the happiest, fattest customers!!!

Jo Yori!!


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