Where to begin.. I haven’t posted since we left Tokyo because of a suss hotel that we stayed in in Hiroshima and a sheer lack of motivation. However, I’m currently in a mood to show the internet photos from my holiday and make my 7 odd readers incredibly jealous…..

Im going to go backwards from now on until I catch up, there has just been so much going on!!!

I’m currently back in Nagoya!! (I.e. My home away from home). By “back” I mean “I was last here in January” but I consider it one of my home towns. I came here for a 6 week exchange program last year and it’s so nice to be back in such a familiar place.

We haven’t done much since arriving here because I’m currently waiting in my hotel in anticipation of a skype call from a university in Melbourne. I have to have my interviews for 2014 Uni entry in Japan, via skype. How cray cray is that? I love technology.

I have never actually used Skype before so I just did a little practice call, and omg I realised, 2 hours before my interview, that our iPad doesn’t have a MICROPHONE!!! I had to sprint to the department store and travel all the way up to the 8th flower via escalators to get to Tokyu Hands and buy headphones with a microphone. I’m very stressed out, as you can imagine, so I had to take a detour to Starbucks and get a super large super hot cafe late to cam down my anxiety ( typical Melburnian). To my surprise, the best coffee in japan is sold at Starbucks….. I would not even dare buy a coffee from Starbucks in Australia…. 

Ahway, this ws just a little update! here is a view from our hotel 

Oh never mind, the view isn’t amazing. my camera cant do it justice. Sorry, auto correct has failed me but I don’t care.

hope you’re all well.

Jo Yori!! X


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