Japanese Face Masks Vs. Clay Masks

Japanese Mask (Actually Korean, but I bought in Japan and this is a “Japan” blog so, for args sake, it’s Japanese)



Clay masks aren’t even competition for these puppies. They come in packets and you can put them straight onto your face, no mess, no fuss. 10/10 for efficiency. The masks come individually packaged and are only ¥105 (~$1.80AUD), so no burden on the wallet. The flavours all have a different purpose i.e. anti ageing, acne, Vitamin D etc… I got a delicious pumpkin flavoured one from Etude House. Yum yum. If you are planning on trying one of these, try the snail one, it looked so chat so I was reluctant to try, but give it a go, tell me your thoughts. We can skype about it, if you want to. No pressure.

What am I talking about? I’ve lost my train of thought.

Clay Masks Succkk


Dry your face so you look like a sultana

Make you look like you have botox and you can’t smile

Gets stuck in your hair and ain’t nobody got time to re-wash their hair

I think the winner is clear, and was clear from the start for obvious reasons.

Jo Yori XX


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