Transport // Photo Series

This photographic series is all transport-related and captures the fast paced, hustling cities. One thing I really miss about Japan is that at any time of day, you know another train is only 2 minutes away. Obviously, what I associate most with Japan’s efficiency is their public transport system; including their ubiquitous, environmentally sustainable bicycle schemes. The narrow streets and tight parking spaces are mirrored by the small, boxy shapes of the cars on the streets. People riding bikes around, in cities where bike paths and bike parks are not hard to come by. Dear Australia, please take note. Our culture encourages drivers to scrutinise anyone riding their bikes on open roads. Melbourne’s idea of “efficiency” is to….nothing. Nothing is efficient. Except our drive through bottle shops, thank goodness some people have their heads screwed on properly.



3 thoughts on “Transport // Photo Series

  1. Aw, you haven’t posted in a while… I hope you didn’t abandon this blog! I just found it randomly today and I have enjoyed reading all of your posts. I love seeing photos from your travels and reading about the culture and your trips.
    And as a lover of fashion and aspiring designer, I adooore your crane dress! It’s so amazing!
    Also, I was wondering, how the options are for vegetarians in Japan…? I’m vegan myself, and hope to visit one day! Experiencing other cultures and traveling are loves of mine.
    Anyway, I hope you continue your blog, Jo!

    1. Oh wow!! Thanks Abigail!!! I’ve been doing other things recently and haven’t even thought about this blog in such a long time!!!
      Thank you so much, that crane dress took me a very long time to make, but it was so rewarding to finish it!!
      I’m also an aspiring designer, you should check out my website where I sell necklaces!!! ahahha
      And yes, there are plenty of vegetarian goodies to eat. I’m not so sure about vegan options because a lot of their dishes have egg in them! But you have to visit Japan!!!!
      You’ve inspired me to keep on blogging on this blog ahha!!! Thank you so much!!!XX

      1. Ah ok I checked out your site, cute and unique necklaces! I may be ordering one soon. And I look forward to your future posts!

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