Arriving in Kyoto (京都に着いて)

There is never a dull moment when I travel with my mum. As soon as we dropped our bags in our Kyoto hotel (well, I suppose our bell boy did the heavy lifting for us), mum was ready to go fabric shopping. She wasn’t phased by the early wake up time for our flight, the flight itself including the additional two hours of sitting on the tarmac, and the train journey to our hotel. Mama Quinn was on the HUNT for FABRIC.

Backstory to this particular fabric designer: mum discovered the tranquil, lush fabrics and prints of Nani Iro during our last trip to Japan in 2015 and she has not shut up about her since. (Soz mum, I’m not being rude, I’m just being dramatic to make this post more exciting for the three viewers of this blog, one of which is you). So we went to the atelier of Nani Iro and honestly I couldn’t tell you where it is or how on earth we got there because I was absolutely delirious and hungry for a nap. However, I DID remember that I can understand a bit of Japanese and managed to ask for directions which was very confusing. I was like ‘wait, did I just communicate to a complete Japanese stranger in the middle of the street and successfully follow their directions?’ Wow, always believe in yourself guys because you might just go into complete shock when you realise what you can achieve.

Moral of the story, DON’T question your mum when travelling. If your mum wants to go to an obscure Japanese fabric atelier in the middle of bloody nowhere, YOU GO THERE (and make sure you go to the cute bar next door and guzzle down some fancy craft brews and smoked nuts BUT only once she has bought enough fabric to clothe the entire von Trapp family).

Was there any point to this? We couldn’t take photos inside of the Nani Iro store so, just take my word for it, it was very VERY good.

On the way to the fabric store. I have no idea where it was.

The view from our hotel. I must say, extremely convenient to be staying in front of what appeared to be the tallest tower in Kyoto. Who needs google maps? Just look up and use the tower as a reference. Genius.

Ninja train!

The vicinity of the fabric store. Again, not entirely sure where we were at this point.

THE cute aforementioned bar!

Bar Tender who very happily obliged to be in this photograph


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