Christmas Flea Market in Kyoto (クリスマスの日〜京都のフリーマーケット)

This Christmas we traded Jesus Christ for fried octopus balls and Japanese handmade ceramics. Being a grown up human lady, this was not a difficult trade as my belief in Mr and Mrs Claus disintegrated many a year ago (along with my hopes and dreams). Nah, just kidding, that was a cheap joke. Sorry, mum. In all seriousness, it was a nice shake up to the old Christmas Day tradition of going to Church, complaining about having to go to Church (but secretly enjoying it against all of my agnostic odds) and then getting super drunk at home and texting everyone on my contacts list a merry Xmas. I also didn’t have to slave over a mixing bowl, preparing baked goods that are always too hot to eat during Australian Christmas anyway. Instead, we strolled through a Kyoto flea market, did no dishes and reported zero signs of anybody caring that it was Christmas Day. I wished one couple a Merry Christmas in the elevator of our hotel and they responded with a “Oh shit, yeah, that’s right, it’s the most important day of the year for Australian retailers, haha, Merry Christmas!” Okay, that wasn’t what they said, but they said it with their uncomfortable body language. It could also be possible that my extreme willingness to converse with almost ANYBODY without ANY reason could make people slightly UNEASY. Wow, we went from a ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ to a ‘Mary, I want a divorce’ rather quickly, didn’t we? Enjoy the photos of this gloriously unimportant (in Japan) day.

Even Shrek showed up to the festivities!


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