Dotonbori, Osaka (道頓堀、大阪)

Two words: lights and people. Two things Dotonburi has a plentiful supply of at night time. I’m sure there are lights there during the day time but I’m assuming most of the external lights come on at night. I felt like I was in a little European city that just happened to be full of Japanese restaurants and Japanese people and also happened to be in the middle of a Japanese city. I have also never been to Europe so my experience of European cities is quite non-existent. But I feel like that’s a comparison a more worldly traveller might draw. Ahhh okay I’m really starting to show my true colours with all of this word spaghetti. Let’s let the pictures do the word spaghetti-ing instead!

ANOTHER fabric store we visited. Unrelated to the lights and magnificence of Dotonburi but it is very close by and some of my two regular viewers might be specifically interested in fabric stores in Osaka. You never know.

Upon further evaluation of these pictures, I’ve decided that Dotonburi is absolutely not European it just happens to have a large canal running through it and lots of people hanging out. Such a gorgeous night! My mum and I sat in a restaurant, eating a giant plate of pancakes and watched the boats go by. Super delicious (the boats, not the pancakes, although they were pretty yum too).


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