I have a habit of getting lost (私は迷子になる事習慣があります)

My days typically start like this: I decide I want to go somewhere, I look up decided location online, I memorise the route with my goldfish brain, I set out to said location and immediately forget where I am going and continue to walk around until I happen upon the location by chance. I usually get to the right part of town with my memory map, but it’s the fine detail that seems to get me into a pickle. You see, I lost my phone several months ago and have been making do ever since (before you go ahead and think ‘Umm dah use a phone’). I actually really enjoy getting lost and see it as an opportunity to familiarise myself with an area. I am also really stubborn and don’t give in very easily so if I’ve set out to go somewhere, I will walk around until I am at that place and have the pictures to prove it. On this particular day, I visited the Forever Museum in Kyoto’s Gion area. OH MY GOSH, Yayoi Kusama was exhibiting and I was in complete paradise. Even though I had to spend the second half of my Christmas Day as a lone traveller, I managed to have a great time getting lost in Kyoto, chilling out with Kusama’s works and choosing my OWN Christmas present and buying it for myself. (I decided to gift myself Yayoi Kusama’s illustrated version of The Little Mermaid. It’s written entirely in Japanese but her illustrations are worth not being able to understand the text. I mean, everyone knows the story, there’s a mermaid and she’s little and she swims around and tells everyone to call her the little mermaid. So I obviously don’t need to actually be able to read it….) Also, before you judge me for not being able to find literally the biggest building in Gion, understand that the point is that I got there and it’s all about the journey not the destination, folks.

Woah, I knew people in Japan had small gardens, but this is inhumane. I hope they don’t have a pet.

Which came first: the van or the house. Did they buy the van to fit the house or the house to fit the van. It’s a close shave regardless.

Pumpkins are forever. Kusama is forever. Love forever


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