21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (金沢21世紀美術館)

I had this sudden urge to start writing my blog in Japanese but it’s hard enough to string my English into comprehensive sentences so I think we will stay cool and keep this English train going. Speaking of trains, last week we caught one to Kanazawa! The last time we went to Kanazawa (2015), the train situation was a relatively new one and we felt a bit like invaders. Two years later and we felt very welcomed and ready to look at ART. I had such fond memories of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art the last time we visited so I was so excited to go back! BY THE WAY…some of the art was definitely from the twentieth century and I just wanted to express my disappointment and confusion to the people of Kanazawa. Anyway, jokes (not a joke) aside, this is a beautiful gallery. HOLD UP….I’m sitting in a cafe as we speak, or as we type rather…and a kind Japanese man just stood up and said “good luck” to me and some other English words along the lines of international and very good. What a gorgeous man. I have NO idea what to make of his well wishes but I shall continue to work hard and use all of the wifi in this small cafe.

What was I saying? Ah, who cares anyway, nobody reads my blog. The exhibition we saw was a series of works by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller and the museum also has a collection of permanent works like the infamous swimming pool, a bit of James Turrell and some classic Anish Kapoor ‘very black paint business’ (actual title of Kapoor’s work). I particularly enjoyed waiting 45 minutes to experience walking into a dark room and have people whisper ‘there’s a briefcase under your seat’ while listening to opera music as performed by what I can only describe as a hologram but was probably a projected video. ART IS MAGICAL.

Train spotting

Gazing through an Olafur Eliasson Sculpture

‘The Swimming Pool’ by Leandro Elrich

This had all of the ingredients for a great photograph and I’m too stubborn to NOT include it on my blog.

‘Wrapping’ by LAR / Fernando Romero

‘You renew you’ by Pipilotti Rist

(a permanent installation located in the bathroom which is very A R T)


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