Kobe Animal Kingdom (神戸動物王国)

After arriving from Seoul in Kyoto, my family and I decided that it was probably best that we spent our first full day in Japan petting animals and watching pelicans fly – which came as a complete shock to me too when I found out that they could fly. They just have such large beaks, it didn’t seem like it was in gravity’s plan to allow these hugely disproportioned, beaks with bodies to fly.

After petting rabbits and making awkward eye contact with Kangaroos (I think they could tell we were Australian), we all decided that Kobe Animal Kingdom is just like any other zoo but without the gross animals. There must have been a lengthy audition process to determine which animals would make the cut and proceed to be pet and annoyed by small Japanese children and big foreign adults who get far too excited about rabbits.

It was also really fun to do something new and different in Japan. For some strange reason, I really enjoyed the train trip to the zoo. I have inserted pictures that show the port of Kobe and the groovy train track we travelled on. So if you’re a cute-animals-only enthusiast and you like trains, I would highly recommend a half-day trip to the Kobe Animal Kingdom. If nothing about this blog post enticed you then I highly suggest that you neither continue following this blog nor go to Kobe Animal Kingdom the kingdom of the elite. If you’re staying in Osaka, it is worth going to the Animal Kingdom JUST to see the Capybaras taking a steamy spa in a pool of floating citrus fruits and loose capybara hairs.

The Capybara Spa

Tortoise Feeding

This Tortoise was trying to make a very very slow and unsuccessful escape. Keep trying, Mr.Tortoise.

Koi fish gasping for anything but the fish flakes they are fed by literally every visitor. Look at the size of these guys! I think they need to go to Koi Boot Camp. Or would it be Koi Fin camp? They don’t really wear boots, you see.

So a sloth, a parrot and my mum walk into a bar. The parrot and my mum sit down and they’re just sitting there like ‘where did the sloth go?’. Then the sloth shows up 30 minutes later and they all laughed and realise what a terrible joke this is but continue to regularly read Jopan without question.

This Pelican was coming in for landing but looks like the least confident pilot ever. “Larry (co-pilot), passengers, cabin crew, I love you all dearly but I’ve misjudged the length of this runway and the illuminated seatbelt sign is just useless at this point. Tell my pelican family I love them and that I left some fish in the freezer for dinner.”

“Oh no it’s all good, scratch that memo about the stash of fish in the freezer, lol”

I stared at this flamingo for a good 10 minutes wondering how on earth it origamied itself into this situation.


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