Jopan’s Top 5 Japanese Art Sites(ジョパンのトップパイブ日本の美日間)

1. Naoshima Sculptures

Read my previous posts about Naoshima here and here!




2. Art House Projects, Naoshima

There are lots of little galleries and art sites hidden away on this tremendous island and you must visit them all!!! I hired a bike when I got off at the ferry in Naoshima and explored the island that way! If you want to know how to get to Naoshima, here is a post I made about it! I have stayed there and done day trips there and I know you can get a LOT done either way!!!





3. Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Art

Located in Kanazawa, this gallery always has really well curated and interesting exhibitions going as well as some incredible permanent sculptures, installations and collections. This is where Leandro Elrich’s famous Swimming pool is located and it is an incredible piece of work to look at! Kanazawa is a very easy day trip to make if you’re staying in the Kansai region and also a lovely place to stay! The bus will take you to the best spots and enjoy looking at their interesting trees!!!

Blog Post about Kanazawa here!



4. Forever Art Museum, Kyoto

Yayoi Kusama in Kyoto!! Such a gorgeous, traditional gallery complete with pumpkins and a Japanese garden. They also make you take your shoes off on the way in which is my favourite way to look at art!!

Blog post about the day I visited this gallery in Kyoto (Christmas Day 2017!)


5. Mori Art Museum

Located in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo! There is also access to a lookout area where you can see all of Tokyo!! It’s a gorgeous view that is sure to make you feel like a teeny tiny ant in this vast and populous city!



Please let me know about your favourite galleries in Japan, these are probably the most popular and more suitable to an everyday art fan! I know that the real deal art is in the more obscure galleries of Japan but these are my suggestions to get you started!

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Jo より!


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