I went back to Naoshima for a day (1日直島に帰った)

I’m back in Japan after a gruelling two year hiatus from the country. I have many a photo to post from the things I have been up to while here but I was desperate to share these photos from Naoshima. A few blog posts ago, I posted photos from my visit there in 2015. Unfortunately we didn’t get much time to travel around because we didn’t realise just how many galleries and sculptures there are on this magnificent art island. I decided to make the most of my JR Pass and head down there yesterday to visit the galleries I missed out on. Look here to see what I got up to last time!

Side note: If you’re travelling in the Kyoto or Osaka area, I highly recommend you take a day trip to Naoshima! You don’t have to stay there to get the full experience. Wake up super early to allow enough travel time (Instructions on how to get there in that link I shared above), rent an electric bike to get you up those hills and around the island and enjoy the art! You must visit all of the Art House galleries, the Lee Ufan Museum and the Chichu Museum (and of course see all of the sculptures and architecture that are spread out along the way).
















Kusama Yayoi Inspired Nails

Tonight’s product of procrastination….MY NAILS!!!

Inspired by the amazing (yet somewhat cray cray) designer Kusama, I have painted my nails like her infamous dots. A physical representation of her imagination. I love her designs and her wigs!! Can I meet you Yayoi???? In Tokyo next week!!!



Shout out to my nifty little iPhone 4 camera. Always get a quality snap from that phone!!!

In case you hadn’t JOINED THE DOTS, the background of my blog Jopan is a Kusama piece of work!!!

Goodnight lovelies

Jo Yori X