I went back to Naoshima for a day (1日直島に帰った)

I’m back in Japan after a gruelling two year hiatus from the country. I have many a photo to post from the things I have been up to while here but I was desperate to share these photos from Naoshima. A few blog posts ago, I posted photos from my visit there in 2015. Unfortunately we didn’t get much time to travel around because we didn’t realise just how many galleries and sculptures there are on this magnificent art island. I decided to make the most of my JR Pass and head down there yesterday to visit the galleries I missed out on. Look here to see what I got up to last time!

Side note: If you’re travelling in the Kyoto or Osaka area, I highly recommend you take a day trip to Naoshima! You don’t have to stay there to get the full experience. Wake up super early to allow enough travel time (Instructions on how to get there in that link I shared above), rent an electric bike to get you up those hills and around the island and enjoy the art! You must visit all of the Art House galleries, the Lee Ufan Museum and the Chichu Museum (and of course see all of the sculptures and architecture that are spread out along the way).
















Transport // Photo Series

This photographic series is all transport-related and captures the fast paced, hustling cities. One thing I really miss about Japan is that at any time of day, you know another train is only 2 minutes away. Obviously, what I associate most with Japan’s efficiency is their public transport system; including their ubiquitous, environmentally sustainable bicycle schemes. The narrow streets and tight parking spaces are mirrored by the small, boxy shapes of the cars on the streets. People riding bikes around, in cities where bike paths and bike parks are not hard to come by. Dear Australia, please take note. Our culture encourages drivers to scrutinise anyone riding their bikes on open roads. Melbourne’s idea of “efficiency” is to….nothing. Nothing is efficient. Except our drive through bottle shops, thank goodness some people have their heads screwed on properly.


Japanese Face Masks Vs. Clay Masks

Japanese Mask (Actually Korean, but I bought in Japan and this is a “Japan” blog so, for args sake, it’s Japanese)



Clay masks aren’t even competition for these puppies. They come in packets and you can put them straight onto your face, no mess, no fuss. 10/10 for efficiency. The masks come individually packaged and are only ¥105 (~$1.80AUD), so no burden on the wallet. The flavours all have a different purpose i.e. anti ageing, acne, Vitamin D etc… I got a delicious pumpkin flavoured one from Etude House. Yum yum. If you are planning on trying one of these, try the snail one, it looked so chat so I was reluctant to try, but give it a go, tell me your thoughts. We can skype about it, if you want to. No pressure.

What am I talking about? I’ve lost my train of thought.

Clay Masks Succkk


Dry your face so you look like a sultana

Make you look like you have botox and you can’t smile

Gets stuck in your hair and ain’t nobody got time to re-wash their hair

I think the winner is clear, and was clear from the start for obvious reasons.

Jo Yori XX

Kyoto in Photos

This was my third trip to Kyoto so you can imagine why I don’t want to write a whole essay on my experience. So, crank up the volume of your fave photomontage song and feel free to peruse through my pics. My personal fave photomontage song is Going to California, by Led Zeppelin. Peace out Girl Scout.












So happy to meet up with my exchange student Tomoyo from 2011!!!!! I love her yay!!

hope you enjoyed

Jo YoriXxx

Takayama Ryokan

Oh my god. So here I was thinking that a night in a traditional Japanese hotel would be like a scene from Mulan or Memoirs of a Geisha but I was taken by surprise. The loveliest, most adorable Japanese women greeted us at this amazing “Ryokan” (旅館) in Takayama called Tanabe. 

We had a traditional tea ceremony, were served dinner, got shown how to make our futons and then had a Japanese bath (温泉). It went by so quickly but if you are going to Japan, I would highly recommend spending at least 2 nights in a ryokan. I didn’t take many photos but just look at this incredible meal they served us!!!! Only for two people!!! おなかが早くていっぱいImage

The morning after our filing meal, we ate our once again filling breakfast and then headed to cute markets. I bought a sick wooden owl necklace and got ¥100 taken off the price for being the first customer of the day!!!!



Where to begin.. I haven’t posted since we left Tokyo because of a suss hotel that we stayed in in Hiroshima and a sheer lack of motivation. However, I’m currently in a mood to show the internet photos from my holiday and make my 7 odd readers incredibly jealous…..

Im going to go backwards from now on until I catch up, there has just been so much going on!!!

I’m currently back in Nagoya!! (I.e. My home away from home). By “back” I mean “I was last here in January” but I consider it one of my home towns. I came here for a 6 week exchange program last year and it’s so nice to be back in such a familiar place.

We haven’t done much since arriving here because I’m currently waiting in my hotel in anticipation of a skype call from a university in Melbourne. I have to have my interviews for 2014 Uni entry in Japan, via skype. How cray cray is that? I love technology.

I have never actually used Skype before so I just did a little practice call, and omg I realised, 2 hours before my interview, that our iPad doesn’t have a MICROPHONE!!! I had to sprint to the department store and travel all the way up to the 8th flower via escalators to get to Tokyu Hands and buy headphones with a microphone. I’m very stressed out, as you can imagine, so I had to take a detour to Starbucks and get a super large super hot cafe late to cam down my anxiety ( typical Melburnian). To my surprise, the best coffee in japan is sold at Starbucks….. I would not even dare buy a coffee from Starbucks in Australia…. 

Ahway, this ws just a little update! here is a view from our hotel 

Oh never mind, the view isn’t amazing. my camera cant do it justice. Sorry, auto correct has failed me but I don’t care.

hope you’re all well.

Jo Yori!! X

Japanese style omelette!!

This morning, my mum and I trekked out to the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo! It’s famous for…..having lots of fish?!? I guess. Although, if I thought I was vegetarian before I went there, then I am definitely more of a vegetarian after going there. That made sense to me, hopefully it does the same for you. But I honestly saw live fish swimming around with shopping tags through their tails in confined spaces. The old ‘plenty of fish in the sea’ saying is not applicable at this fish market, no sir! 

So, after trawling through rows and rows of fish restaurants, which I refused to eat at after seeing the fish market, we had a Japanese “omelette” for breakfast!!! They are eaten traditionally around New Years and they taste live egg heaven!! 




Jo Yori xx

My taxi driver gave me candy!!?

Anywhere else in the world, anywhere at all, if a taxi driver pulled out a brightly coloured pencil case and offered you candy, your reaction would probably be to gtfo. Am I right?!? Not in Japan! If you’re nice enough, you might be able to get some fruit candy!!

Here is a little photo story of my taxi journey!!! Japanese taxi’ shave automated doors and cute little lace weird seat cover things?!? Description of taxi = black belt level. Good one, Jo.Image